Hole Digging Animals and the Great Benefits of Artificial Grass

Hole Digging Animals and Artificial Grass

For many homeowners in the UK, maintaining a pristine garden can be challenging when faced with the presence of hole digging animals. Squirrels, rates and birds are some of the known culprits as they dig holes for food or nesting reasons. These activities can wreak havoc on natural lawns, but what about artificial grass?

Understanding the Behaviour

These animals engage in hole digging for various reasons. Squirrels bury food to store for later consumption, rats dig hole to create burrows for shelter and some birds dig in search of worms and insects. Unfortunately, these activities can damage natural lawns and disrupt the aesthetic appeal of the garden.

Impact on Artificial Grass

One advantage of artificial grass is its resilience against these hole digging animals. Unlike natural lawns, the construction of artificial grass discourages these animals from digging. The synthetic fibres and backing make it difficult for animals to penetrate the surface and create holes. This means that homeowners with artificial grass are less likely to face the destructive consequences of these pesky animals.

Preventive Measures

While artificial grass provides a level of protection, it is still essential to take preventive measures. Here are some effective startegies:

  1. Secure Boundaries: Install barriers such as wire mesh or fencing around the perimeter of your garden to prevent hole digging animals from accessing the area where the artificial grass is installed.
  2. Eliminate Food Sources: Ensure that there are no easily accessible food sources, such as fallen fruit or open rubbish bins, as this might attract the hole digging animals to your garden.
  3. Apply Repellents: Use natural deterrents or animal repellents around the garden to discourage hole digging animals from approaching the artificial grass area.
  4. Scare Tactics: Incorporate visual and/or auditory deterrents, such as reflective objects of motion-activated devices, to startle and discourage the hole digging animals.
  5. Regular Maintenance: Keep the garden clean and tidy, removing and debris or clutter that may attract the hole digging animals.

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